Our Cause

As a fisherman, there are few things better than hearing the drag scream as a huge fish takes off at the other end of your line. At Reel Noise we love that feeling and sound! We want to share it with current and future generations. We pride ourselves on keeping our waterways and fisheries clean of debris along with passing knowledge to future generations. As avid fisherman, the Reel Noise crew spends many hours on waterways locally and afar. We have always been cleaning up trash wherever we have gone. Sure it's disappointing to see the trash, but it's good karma to pick it up! We have always figured it has helped us hook into big fish, plus we want to be part of a solution. So that's what we are here to do. We have come together to help better impact our efforts in cleaning our waterways and spreading our fishing experiences. With your help, we can keep our waterways clean while spreading knowledge of better environmental practices as well as healthy fishing practices. Join us in making Reel Noise!